Tool Box Talks


A Tool Box Talk is an informal safety meeting that focuses on safety topics related to the specific job, such as workplace hazards and safe work practices. Meetings are normally short in duration and are generally conducted at the job site prior to the commencement of a job or work shift. It is one of the very effective methods to refresh workers' knowledge, cover last-minute safety checks, and exchange information with the experienced workers. Tool Box Talks are also intended to facilitate health and safety discussions on the job site and promote your organization’s safety culture. Tool Box Talks meetings are sometimes referred to as tailgate meetings or safety briefings. Click here to view/download a Tool Box Talk meeting form. Each of the Tool Box Talk PDFs below contain a "How To Use This Resource" page to help with the administration of a Tool Box Talk safety meeting. 

2020 Tool Box Talks

April: Social Distancing

March: Protecting the Public

February: Emergency Preparedness - Pandemic (authored by Communications)

January: Working Alone

2019 Tool Box Talks

January 2019: Isolated Work Environment

February 2019: Contractor/Prime Contractor Duties

March 2019: Equipment, Machine and Tool Guards

April 2019: Rights and Responsibilities

May 2019: Inert Gas Safety

June 2019: Work Zone Traffic Safety

July 2019: Duties of Workers

August 2019: Fall Protection (revised)

September 2019: Guardrails

October 2019: Work Refusal

November 2019: Duties of the Employer & Supervisor

December 2019: Eye Safety

2018 Tool Box Talks

January 2018: System Scaffold

February 2018: Radon Gas

March 2018: Harassment (Authored by Communications)

April 2018: Prime Contractor

May 2018: Hantavirus

June 2018: Certificate of Recognition (COR®) program 

June 2018: Emergency Preparedness (Authored by Communications)

July 2018: Tube and Clamp Scaffold

August 2018: Food Safety

August 2018: Frame Scaffold Safety

September 2018: Foot Protection Safety

October 2018: Power Line Safety

November 2018: Workplace Building Materials Safety​​

December 2018:

Workplace Platforms Safety

Hydrogen (H2S) Sulphide Safety

2017 Tool Box Talks

January 2017: Traffic Control

February 2017: Lighting Conditions

March 2017: Air Quality

May 2017: Fatigue Management

July 2017: Dangerous Occurrences

August 2017: Trailer Towing

September 2017: Hazard Assessment (Authored by Auditors)

October 2017: Back Safety

November 2017: Diabetes (Authored by Auditors)

December 2017: Leg Safety

2016 Tool Box Talks

January 2016: Construction Site Access/Egress

February 2016: Health & Wellness

March 2016: Youth in Construction

May 2016: Temporary Stairs and Handrails

July 2016: Rebar and Impalement Hazards

September 2016: Elevator Shaft and Open Holes

October 2016: Temporary Heating

November 2016: Fall Protection Anchor Systems

December 2016: Distracted Driving

2015 Tool Box Talks

Jan 2015: Environmental Safety

Feb 2015: Combustible Materials

Mar 2015: Lockout Tagout

Apr 2015: Personal Care and Conduct

May 2015: Powered Mobile Equipment

July 2015: Safe Job Procedures

Aug 2015: Presenteeism

Nov 2015: Safe Work Practices

2014 Tool Box Talks

Jan 2014: Protective Eyewear

Jan 2014: Hazard Recognition & Control

Mar 2014: Hand Tool Safety

Apr 2014: First Aid

Apr 2014: Workplace Law

May 2014: Excavating & Trenching

June 2014: Cranes

July 2014: Respiratory Protection

Aug 2014: Welder’s Flash

Sep 2014: Near Miss Accident Theory

Nov 2014: Hoisting Signals

2013 Tool Box Talks

Jan 2013: Safe Lifting Practices

Feb 2013: Frostbite

Mar 2013: Safety - Bring it Home

Apr 2013: Head Protection

May 2013: Safety Culture

June 2013: Workplace Complacency

July 2013: Summer Weather Hazards

Aug 2013: Worker Rights

Sep 2013: Defensive Driving

Nov 2013: Confined Space

Dec 2013: Underground Utilities

2012 Tool Box Talks

Jan 2012: Hearing Protection

Feb 2012: Housekeeping

Mar 2012: Safe Use of Power Tools

Apr 2012: Electrical Safety

May 2012: Slips, Trips, and Falls

June 2012: Working in Hot Weather

July 2012: Bug Protection

Aug 2012: Mind on Safety

Sep 2012: Fall Protection

Oct 2012: Extension Ladder Safety

Nov 2012: Winter Site Safety

Dec 2012: Scaffold Safety

2011 Tool Box Talks

Feb 2011: Hand Protection: Gloves

March 2011: Eye Protection

April 2011: Stepladder Safety

Nov 2011: Working in Cold Weather

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