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We see it all the time . . . #SafetyDoneRight but we rarely take the time to acknowledge the significance of working safely.  At the SCSA, we know that there is a return on your safety investment when you and your staff go home safe at the end of the day. This is your chance to give credit to those employees championing safety in your organization.

For those in the construction industry in Saskatchewan, we want you to post the pictures of your company and/or your employees working safely. Use the hashtag #SafetyDoneRight and tag us on Facebook or on Twitter @SCSAonline for a chance to receive SCSA swag and see #SafetyRewarded. "Like" our Facebook page and "follow" us on Twitter so that we can shine a spotlight on your company and its commitment to safety.

Pictured is Joelle of Sleek Signs, who recently took the SCSA Fall Protection course, putting her knowledge to use on a special project. Carl Weger, President and CEO of Sleek Signs says, "the only way we will take a job is if we feel our team can do it safely. Safety training is the best investment we make as it buys us peace of mind. We have a responsibility to our customers, our employees and their families to be safe. Training is not optional it is our only option."

Take a close look at Joelle and see if you agree.

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