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66th Annual CMHA Mental Health Week


Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Mental Health Week, May 1 – 7, marks a week-long event dedicated to raising awareness for mental health in Canada. Started in 1951, this is the 66th annual mental health week. “Every year, CMHA selects a specific mental health-related issue to focus on during CMHA Mental Health Week. This year, as part of our Sick of Waiting: Get Loud for Mental Health campaign, we are paying special attention to long waits – the long wait to see a mental health professional, and the long wait for improvements to the mental health system of Canada.” (

We all know that personal issues, stresses and health concerns can affect us all from time to time. Let’s take the time to reflect on ourselves and our families mental health. Let’s #GETLOUD to maintain positive mental health and raise awareness of #MentalHealth in the workplace.

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