Classroom Training

Leadership for Safety Excellence

This two-day program is designed to assist supervisors in building health and safety into their everyday planning. It encourages and promotes a safe work environment where people can work safely, and help make a lasting contribution to the reduction of incident in the industry. This course will provide a knowledge base required to satisfy the legislative duties and obligations.

This event contains 16 technical hours and may be eligible for BCRSP CM points. See the BCRSP website at for CM point criteria.

Course Objectives:

To define the supervisor's role and explain the supervisor's responsibilities for safety on the worksite.

Course Content:

  • Supervisor’s Role - Promoting and enforcing safety standards in the workplace; safety program elements; management, supervisory and worker responsibilities; regulatory requirements; corporate culture.
  • Inspections - Purpose and types of inspections; conducting an inspection; prioritizing deficiencies; reporting and follow-up; presenting recommendations to management.
  • Investigations - Reasons for and when to do an investigation; legislative obligations; presenting recommendations to management; preparing for and when to investigate; conducting a successful investigation.
  • Training - Reason for training; orientation and on-the-job training; planning and conducting a training session; and getting the most out of your safety training.


In order to receive the Certificate of Proficiency and successfully complete the program, the participant must conduct a satisfactory toolbox meeting, site inspection and site investigation or simulated investigation. Documents submitted must be dated within eight months of completing the course and are mandatory for Certificate of Recognition and National Construction Safety Officer program qualification. Please contact the SCSA for more information.