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The Saskatchewan construction industry has undergone radical change in the last two decades. While the construction environment has
changed, a corresponding change has not occurred in the structure of governance of the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association
(SCSA). In some cases, the lack of modern governance reflecting current best practices has prevented the Board of Directors from responding
quickly to change and leveraging current technology.

In order to provide better service to our members, and mitigate risks to the organization, the Governance Committee will be proposing a number
of changes to SCSA governance at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

Summary of Proposed Changes

The Board is proposing a major update to SCSA bylaws in order to reflect current legislation, modern governance best practices, and board structure.  Full text of the draft bylaws is available to download below.

The following is a visual representation of the proposed changes to SCSA Board Structure:



The following items are in draft form (for discussion only) and will be updated prior to the Annual General Meeting.  Please check this space for the latest revision.


Conference Call

Topic: Governance Committee Conference Call

A conference call took place on January 16, 2018 to explain proposed changes to SCSA governance.  This meeting was recorded and is posted at this link.


Annual General Meeting

The proposed governance changes will be voted at the SCSA Annual General Meeting which will be held on Thursday Feburary 15, 12:00-2:00PM at 1700 Elphinstone Street, Regina, SK.  To RSVP please contact eadmin@scsaonline.ca  

For Questions/Comments/Concerns

Please email: eadmin@scsasonline.ca to be connected with a member of the Governance Committee