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SCSA Recognized for Supporting Reservists


The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) kick-started 2019 with special recognition from the Canadian Forces Liaison Council (CFLC) for demonstrating exceptional support for Reservist employees.

“The SCSA is honoured to support the efforts of employees who help to ensure the safety of the people in our country and other countries abroad,” said SCSA Advisory Services Manager, Loy Levesque.

On January 23, 2019, the CFLC held a special ceremony in conjunction with the Regina and District Chamber of Commerce, to highlight the outstanding support of employers to the Canadian Armed Forces; specifically the Reserve Force.

“The Reserve Force is mandated to grow under Canada’s defence policy and without the support of employers like the SCSA in communities across Canada we would not be able to sustain that growth. Your support allows reservists to keep one foot firmly planted in a civilian career and the other training and preparing to protect Canadians,” said Major-General Paul Bury, Chief Reserves and Employer Support.

The Honourable Vaughn Solomon Schofield, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan and Major-General Bury presented the SCSA with a Certificate of Appreciation, which was accepted by Levesque alongside SCSA Safety Advisor and Reservist, Cpl. Justin Brooks.

Brooks was granted an eight-week leave of absence to partake in the Developmental Period 1 (DP1) infantry training program that was based in Regina in the summer of 2017. This training develops the skills and knowledge required for entry-level employment and further training in the Canadian Armed Forces.

According to the CFLC, it’s important to highlight the support of employers and educators in allowing Reservist employees and students to take a leave of absence for military service; allowing them to balance civilian careers, families, education, and a military career. It also prepares Reservists with the proper training required to ensure families and communities are safe during emergency situations, such as fires, floods, and ice storms.

Reservists acquire a range of skills through military service that are valuable to the civilian workplace. Leadership, reliability, strong communications skills, and teamwork, are a few of the professional attributes that are reflected in an ethos of ethics and hard work. By supporting the Reserve Force, employers, educational institutions, and communities share the benefits of ongoing professional development as Reservists progress throughout their military career.

“We are thankful to those who serve our country and will continue to stand as an employer in support of the values, training, and service of the Canadian Forces,” added Levesque.


Photo on Left: (L-R): SCSA Safety Advisor, Cpl. Justin Brooks; Advisory Services Manager, Loy Levesque           

Photo on Right: (L-R): SCSA President, Collin Pullar; Lt.-Gov. Vaughn Solomon Schofield; SCSA Safety Advisor, Cpl. Justin Brooks; Advisory Services Manager, Loy Levesque; Major-General Paul Bury, Chief Reserves and Employer Support

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