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SCSA Presents Safety Award to Daytona Homes


The SCSA was a proud sponsor of the Regina and Region Home Builders' Association's (RRHBA) Safety Award, presented to winner, Daytona Homes Regina Ltd., at the Master Awards Gala that took place at the Delta Hotel in Regina on January 26, 2019. SCSA Marketing Coordinator, Terri Larsen, presented the award to Carri Douhaniuc (right), Warranty Manager at Daytona Homes Regina Ltd. 

The RRHBA Safety Award recognizes a company in the residential construction industry that creates a healthy and safe workplace by having an effective health and safety program. Judging is based on the home builder's safety policy statement; hazard identification and control; communication and training; and emergency preparedness.

Daytona Homes Regina Ltd. first received their Certificate of Recognition (COR®) certification through the SCSA in 2011. COR is an occupational health and safety accreditation program which verifies that a company has a fully-implemented health and safety management system that meets national standards.

Some of the benefits of COR program certification, include:

  • Injury prevention and cost savings: A COR certified company can experience reduced financial costs associated with injuries and incidents that affect the company’s financial bottom line. A good safety record will enhance an organization’s reputation in the industry. Employers have found an evaluation of their health and safety program is an effective way to identify organizations weaknesses to be corrected. This can lead to improvements in the system, and fewer job injuries and job interruptions will contribute to a more productive and profitable company.
  • Pre-bid qualification: COR certification is a pre-bid qualification requirement for many buyers of construction in Saskatchewan. Qualifying your company to bid puts your company at a decided advantage when compared to those companies that are not COR certified. The COR program is often referenced by construction owners and contractors to locate employers with a demonstrated commitment to accident prevention.
  • Due diligence: The documentation and general safety awareness produced by the COR process may also provide evidence of due diligence if your company is charged with an Occupational Health and Safety offence. Through the process of training, program development, and implementation, companies build a more effective organization

For more information on the COR program, please visit:

Photo (L-R); SCSA Marketing Coordinator, Terri Larsen; Carri Douhaniuc, Warranty Manager at Daytona Homes Regina Ltd. 

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