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SCSA Nominated for a Paragon Award in the Category of Marketing and Promotional Achievement.


As a non-profit safety association dedicated to helping prevent injuries and fatalities, the SCSA wants to see everyone in, and connected to, the construction industry go home safe at the end of every day. This includes construction business owners, construction workforce, safety organizations, purchasers of construction services, general public including youth. As supporters of those organizations who share their view that injuries can be reduced, the SCSA targets messaging through collaboration with strategic partnerships.

As challenging as it is to combat a pre-existing mentality and attitude toward safety, it was equally challenging to create an organizational personality or “voice”. Safety organizations are often seen as enforcers, the SCSA needed to be regarded as the “good guys”, as a coach/leader valuing methods and processes that improve safety and reduce risk.

The marketing gains in engagement and reach as a result of the print, broadcast and social media strategies implemented were remarkable. Brand recognition is difficult for most businesses, let alone non-profits. Over the course of several months, a strong personality/voice for the organization emerged. People were listening. In a short time the SCSA online audience grew from a few hundred to tens-of-thousands and the association was asked to “weigh in” on emerging safety/construction issues in the media. Most notably, recognition on a national stage for being a leader in workplace safety was a major step forward in helping to improve Saskatchewan’s lagging safety reputation.

The SCSA is honoured to have been nominated for the Regina and District Chamber of Commerce Paragon award, the award ceremony will be held in Regina on April 6, 2018.

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