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SCSA Named 2019 Paragon Award Finalist


The SCSA was honoured to be recognized as a 2019 Regina & District Chamber of Commerce (R&DCC) Paragon Award finalist in the category of Customer Service Excellence.

It is recognized that, as an industry, progress has been made in reducing injuries/incidents. Recently; however, there has been a flattening of that progress and, in some areas, a disturbing trend is emerging. Telling people how to stay safe isn’t enough to overhaul a culture that has traditionally not valued safety; the SCSA believes that developing leaders who understand why safety is important will.

When employees lead, it sets a powerful example for the business owners, construction workforce, safety organizations, purchasers of construction services, and the general public with whom the organization interacts on a daily basis. The main goals and objectives of developing and maintaining a high level of customer service are closely tied to the SCSA’s business priorities. Member engagement at a level sufficient to effect a behavioural change in attitude toward injury prevention and safety - to transform culture - requires an extraordinary level of customer service.

Some of the reasons for the SCSA’s commitment to superior customer service are that it creates an engaged workforce, fosters a positive work environment, increases member engagement; and the organization is viewed as an employer of choice, a trusted source of information, and business leader in the community.

An outstanding customer service culture based on the association’s values of trust, respect, accountability and integrity creates an engaged workforce and a positive work environment (internal benefits) which translates to increased member engagement and raises the profile of the association as an employer and business of choice (external benefits).

Continually raising the customer service bar upholds the quality of the SCSA programs and services, and in turn, upholds the reputation of the association as an organization that fosters business leadership throughout the province.

The R&DCC awards ceremony, proudly sponsored by the SCSA, took place on April 5, 2019 at the Delta hotel in Regina.  The SCSA would like to congratulate Wallnuts Expressive Catering for being awarded the 2019 Paragon Award for Customer Service Excellence and to all of the other winners and finalists for their contributions to the business community!


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