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SCSA Chair’s Dinner: Honouring 2017 Board Members


Photo: (L-R) Dave Marriott, First Chairperson of SCSA; Hon. Don Morgan, Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety; His Worship Mayor Michael Fougere; SCSA President, Collin Pullar; and SCSA Chairperson, Ryan Smotra, pose for a photo at the SCSA Chair’s Dinner at the Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina.

The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) held a very special evening on September 5, 2018, recognizing the contributions of its past board members who have generously volunteered their time to carry on the legacy of the organization. 

The Honourable Don Morgan, Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety; also responsible for Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB), brought opening greetings along with His Worship, Michael Fougere, Mayor of Regina.

Laura Ross, MLA of Regina Rochdale, was also in attendance alongside WCB Chair, Gord Dobrowolsky and WCB board members, Larry Flowers and Garry Hamblin. Kevin Capewell of Rawlco Radio – an agency through which the SCSA has disseminated numerous safety messages throughout the province over the years – was the lively emcee for the evening.

Keynote speaker, Dave Marriott, the first Chairperson of the SCSA Board of Directors, spoke about the early days of working in construction in the 1970s when not everything about safety was completely understood in order to prevent injuries and fatalities on the job.

“My introduction to construction showed me just how dangerous a construction site could be. It seemed that significant events and injuries were almost expected. Minor injuries were poorly managed, and for a big jobsite to have a dozen or more lost time accidents, was the norm.” said Marriott.

Marriott’s efforts, combined with other industry professionals who came together in the early days to drastically improve safety awareness and injury prevention, ultimately led to the formation of the SCSA in 1995.

He argues that one of the best achievements of the SCSA was putting in place the Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) – now known as the Safety Construction Orientation Training (SCOTTM) program.

SCOT is a readily accessible online program provided to numerous highschools throughout the province at no cost for a one-year certification, and most recently, to active Saskatchewan Polytechnic students. Providing this safety construction orientation training supports the development of new construction workers and leaders; assisting to fulfill the SCSA’s vision of creating the safest construction environment in Canada.

Another hallmark program of the SCSA that strategically advances this vision is the Certificate of Recognition (COR®) program. Marriott also congratulated the efforts of the SCSA for the promotion of COR, especially with buyers of construction in recent months.

“I am extremely pleased to learn that the province of Saskatchewan will now require bidders to be COR certified for all projects over one million dollars. I just want to congratulate the provincial government on making this move and to this Association for keeping our original hopes alive and moving forward.”

Ryan Smotra – current Chair of the SCSA Board and recipient of an honourary ring that evening for his dedication to his role over the past five years – also spoke highly of the positive evolutions at the SCSA he has witnessed during his tenure. Chief among these was the extensive governance changes that were ratified at the 2018 SCSA AGM, including a unanimous vote to decrease the number of board member positions from 34 to 12.

“I am struck by two significant things – how supportive the board has been to work toward the necessary changes to improve our effectiveness. It has taken many members’ dedication and willingness to put in the time and do what is necessary to ensure the association continues to raise the bar to work toward achieving our goal to create the safest construction environment in Canada. In some cases that even meant voluntarily giving up their opportunity to be on the board,” said Smotra.

“ . . .second, the commitment of the people around the table to ensure we maintain that critical communication with our membership, to listen to their direction and represent their needs, then tirelessly work to meet their expectations and ensure our association is performing at the highest level,” added Smotra.

Smotra went on to share his excitement for the direction of the SCSA as the board continues to set priorities for improving safety culture in the province and watch them come into fruition. Some of these priorities include, continually improving engagement and opening new avenues of dialogue with members, as well as incorporating the latest innovations in technology in the classroom and on construction sites throughout the province.

Smotra continued, “Through these improvements to the diverse training methods that have, and will be implemented, our mission of ‘Constructing Safety Leadership’ within our industry has never been more apparent.”

The night concluded with SCSA President, Collin Pullar, presenting awards to the 2017 SCSA board members.

“Serving as president to this association has given me a neat opportunity to be a part of something that is critical to our economy, our social fabric, and success of every business in this province. It’s a noble cause and every board member that has served over the past 20-some years has helped to advance the goals that this organization’s founders believed in,” said Pullar in his closing remarks.

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SCSA Chair’s Dinner Honourees: [2017 SCSA Board Members]: Caroyln Bagnell, Dorothy Carson, Alexandra Chase, Clayton Clark, Jeff Cochrane, Jason Davidson, Chris Guérette, David Hagen, Erin Heimbecker, Brian Hilderman, Treena Hirsch, Vernon Hunt, Jason McLeod, Len Mostoway, Gunnar Passmore, Kenric Phillips, Jeff Sweet, David Walker, and Pearl McNevin-Williams.

Ring Honouree: [2017 SCSA Chairperson]: Ryan Smotra

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