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Safety Brings Success: Top 100 Saskatchewan Companies are COR® Certified


The SCSA would like to congratulate the Top 100 Saskatchewan Companies of 2018 recently announced in SaskBusiness magazine.  Several of these top businesses are accredited by the nationally-recognized Certificate of Recognition (COR®) program, which verifies that a company has a fully implemented health and safety management system. 

The Top 100 Saskatchewan Companies of 2018 categorized under the 'B - Building Construction' WCB rate code, include:


PCL Construction


Northridge Development Corporation

Westridge Group of Companies

Alliance Energy Ltd.

"Companies that have grown into longterm, successful investments for shareholders consistently demonstrate patterns in the development of their successes related to overall organizational performance and safety management. These two areas seem to be inextricably linked," says Collin Pullar, president of the SCSA.

"Regardless of the number of employees a company has, or whether they belong to the mining, manufacturing, or construction industry -- successful businesses seem to have a way of effectively managing safety and increasing productivity in the process. It's no secret that companies serious about high performance are serious about safety," added Pullar. 

For a full list of Top 100 Saskatchewan Companies of 2018, follow this link: 

For more information on the COR program, please visit:

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