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The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) proudly recognized several leaders for their outstanding contributions to the SCSA’s mission of Constructing Safety Leadership at a special awards ceremony held in conjunction with the SCSA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 21, 2019 at the Travelodge Hotel in Saskatoon.

Guest speaker, Peter Federko, CEO of the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB), opened the day with a presentation on the “Past, Present, and Future” state of injury claims associated with SCSA member companies (any company that pays WCB premiums under the “B” Building Construction WCB premium Rate Codes: B11 Construction Trades, B12 Residential Construction, and B13 Commercial, Industrial Construction).

Federko spoke about the business case for injury reduction and prevention, including the loss in performance and other inefficiencies companies experience as a result, which has been a major area of focus for the SCSA since its inception in 1995; helping companies become higher-performing with the implementation and maintenance of effective safety management systems. Federko also made mention of the slight increase in workplace injuries;  the workplace Total injury rate for 2018 was 5.44 per 100 workers, a 3.5 per cent increase from 2017. 

“Our industry has come a long way in terms of injury reduction and prevention over the years and we applaud the efforts of those who have made commitments to taking methodical steps toward safety,” said SCSA President, Collin Pullar.

“Seeing an uptick in injury rates over the past year is evidence that more needs to be done to ensure safety leadership is top of mind in our workplaces and communities – a challenge that drove the Association to redefine its mission to Constructing Safety Leadership and our vision to the Safest Construction Environment in Canada.

Formal AGM business that followed included adoption of reports and financials presented in the 2018 SCSA Annual Report and a motion to elect members to serve in into new positions 2019 Board of Directors (BOD), including the new Chair, Mark Novecosky of Flynn Group of Companies, and the new Vice-Chair, Keith Bird of RNF Ventures Ltd.

After the AGM portion of the day, the annual SCSA Constructing Safety Leadership Awards and the SCSA Board of Directors Years of Service Recognition ceremony took place to honour individuals, companies, and regional safety committees, for their dedication, outstanding contribution, and commitment to safety, leadership, and the SCSA’s mission of Constructing Safety Leadership and vision of the Safest Construction Environment in Canada.

Asiil Enterprises was the recipient of the 2018 Corporate Leadership in Safety Award, alongside finalists Safe & Sound Exteriors and Silverline Construction Ltd.

Corey Johnson of Flyer Electric Ltd. was the recipient of the 2018 Safety Practitioner Award, alongside finalists Jeff Cochrane of Asiil Enterprises Ltd, and Andrew Eilers of PCL Construction.

The Swift Current Regional Safety Committee (RSC) was the recipient of the 2018 RSC Distinguished Progress Award, alongside finalists from the Regina RSC and Prince Albert RSC. 

The ceremony concluded with Board of Directors Years of Service Recognition presentation. Errol Fisher of North Ridge Development Corporation who served on the board for seven years in various capacities, including Chairperson, received an award his years of service. Milayna Goruick also received a certificate of appreciation for her two years of service to the board, most recently holding the position as a Residential Director.

“We take great pride in honouring these professionals in our industry – their leadership has a measurable impact on business throughout the province by ensuring workers at all levels are thinking seriously about safety, reducing risks and ensuring folks go home safely at the end of the day,” added Pullar.

All award recipients will also be featured in the SCSA Safety Advocate publication and SaskBusiness magazine.

To see photos of all the 2018 Constructing Safety Leadership Award winners and Board of Directors Years of Service Recognition recipients, please visit: 

View a full recording of the 2019 AGM, including the 2018 Constructing Safety Leadership Awards and the 2018 Board of Directors Years of Service Recognition ceremony, can be viewed on the 'SCSA Online' YouTube channel!

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