CFCSA Connected Newsletter


The SCSA, in collaboration with its sister safety associations under the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA), started producing the CFCSA: Connected newsletter on a bi-annual basis. The first issue was released in the Fall of 2016.

Members of the CFCSA are independent construction safety associations, advocates for safety, and leaders for change. We continue to set the bar when it comes to safety standards in Canada’s construction industry. Our communications channels are continuously evolving so we can connect with audiences better; our community-based initiatives and events are growing larger with more supporters; and our development of new training standards, marketing campaigns and advances in technology have all broken new ground on a local and national scale.

This newsletter not only highlights these achievements but also defines a benchmark that we’ve all conquered with the ongoing support of our members. To show your support for your safety association, simply print/email and share the news throughout your workplace.

Feel free to view/download past issues, below. Hard copies are available for pick-up from either SCSA office while supplies last. Contact or call 306.525.0175 (Regina); 306.652.0907 (Saskatoon) for more information.

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