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Through the use of technology, modernizing product and service delivery has been a major strategic focus of the SCSA over the last year.  A new mobile Hazard Assessment Tool and ten additional safety topics were added to the SCSA’s Guide to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Legislation app, which has become a popular tool that has tracked more than 3,800 downloads since its launch in September of 2017. Inside the SCSA classrooms, projects introducing tablet devices and virtual reality (VR) training tools are taking the delivery of safety training and information retention to a whole new level. Read more, below.


The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) officially launched its Hazard Identification (ID) Virtual Reality (VR) training tool, developed in partnership with White Rabbit VR (WRVR), a division of Twisted Pair Productions, in April of 2019. The SCSA's members and students now have the opportunity to be enveloped in a realistic, 360-degree alternate reality for workplace training. This training tool allows users to spot hazards more effectively and in a variety of scenarios that wouldn’t be as readily available within the confines of traditional classroom training. The Hazard ID VR is one of the first of its kind for the Saskatchewan construction industry.

“This changes the game for us in so far as building stronger impressions in learning. It gives the user experience in navigating dangerous situations and developing safety management systems in a safe way,” explains, Collin Pullar, president of the SCSA.

Pullar elaborates, “We have learned over the years that telling people how to stay safe isn’t enough to overhaul a culture that has historically struggled with safety; anything that is going to affect a change in an organization and a province has to be done at the leadership level. The sad reality is that 25% of the injury claims to WCB in our industry, involve a young worker under the age of 25 and the SCSA has a key role to play in supporting business owners and leaders in their injury prevention efforts for this demographic.” Read more



The SCSA announced the addition of a Hazard Assessment Tool with the latest version of its ‘Guide to OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) Legislation’ mobile app in October of 2018. More than 3,800 safety professionals have taken advantage of the SCSA’s free app – developed in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) – downloading it from either the Apple or Google stores – since its release in September of 2017.

SCSA’s mobile Hazard Assessment Tool allows workers to easily select and enter information as they would with the paper version, without the hassle of maintaining paper documentation. Hazard Assessments can be conveniently saved, downloaded, and shared electronically, with the option of revising them at a later date. The mobile version contains all of the required fields to comply with the requirements of the Certificate of Recognition (COR®) program – a nationally-recognized accreditation to verify companies have implemented a comprehensive health and safety program.

The SCSA’s Guide to OHS Legislation app, which houses the Hazard Assessment Tool, now has a total of 30 safety topics. Five new topics were added to the latest version, including: Hoist, Cranes, and Lifting Devices; Hot Work; Housekeeping; Noise Control and Hearing Conservation; as well as Silica. Each safety topic outlines a summary of pertinent safety information, applicable legislation, and resources to help employers and employees understand and comply with their legislative obligations within their workplaces. Read more

It's planned that the next version of the app (launch date TBD), will feature the following new upgrades:

1. Automatic app updates to ensure users always have the latest version on all of their internet-connected devices

2. Push notification to ensure users are aware of changes to legislation and other important safety information  

3. Access to a live feed highlighting the latest in Constructing Safety Leadership news in Saskatchewan

4. Contact information and locations for Emergency Services throughout Saskatchewan

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