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Supervisor on the Scene: Communication - Online Theory Only

NOTE: This course has been updated and was formerly known as Communication Cornerstones: Building Trust 

This course will show supervisors the four simple principles of effective communication; Plan – Select – Deliver – Respond.



  • Describe the importance of clear and effective supervisor-related communication by using the four steps of communication.

Plan Your Communication

  • Explain the benefits of planning your communication.

Select How to Communicate

  • Recognize the importance of choosing an appropriate media for the communication. Recognize the need to choose an appropriate location based on the communication medium and purpose.

Deliver the Communication

  • Discuss the characteristics of delivering successful communication.

Receive and Respond to Feedback

  • Discuss the importance of providing the opportunity for feedback and responding to it.

Communicate Effectively

  • Review the importance of effective supervisor-related communication. Revisit the four steps of communication.


Cost: $25 plus GST

Duration: The time needed to complete each online course varies for each individual. You may stop the course at any time and access your activity at a later date.



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