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Safe Driving: Take Control - Online Theory Only

NOTE: This course has been updated and was formerly known as Defensive Driving

We are all familiar with vehicle accidents, whether we’ve experienced them first hand or been a witness to one. Certainly, we cannot control all the factors that lead to vehicle crashes, but every time you make a safe choice while driving, you could be preventing a tragic incident from occurring.

Safe Driving: Take Control provides tips that will help you and your employees drive safely. The program explains how to prepare the vehicle for safe driving and how to conduct a pre-drive inspection. It describes how to eliminate distractions and provides tips you can apply to stay safe while driving in challenging driving conditions.


Prepare to Drive

  • Survival kit
  • Pre-drive tasks
  • Personal adjustment of vehicle

Eliminate Driving Distractions

  • Tips to avoid distracted driving

Safe Driving Tips

  • Defensive driving


Cost: $25 plus GST

Duration: The time needed to complete each online course varies for each individual. You may stop the course at any time and access your activity at a later date.



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