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Rights & Responsibilities - Your Path to a Safe Workplace - Online Theory Only

The Rights & Responsibilities - Your Path to a Safe Workplace ("R&R") program was developed for the Saskatchewan workplace and takes workers and management employees through the fundamentals of the Saskatchewan Occupational Health & Safety Act and the internal responsibility system. The course requires an average time of 4 hours to successfully complete. It is interactive, educational, innovative, self-directed and paced. The content is Modular with opportunities for study, review and test for certification.

Certification is based on results at the 100% level only.

Cost: $20 plus GST


This course is only available on-site at the Regina or Saskatoon training centres in the SCOT computer training labs. Please contact your nearest SCSA office to register: 306.525.0175 (Regina); 306.652.0907 (Saskatoon); 1.800.817.2079 (toll-free) or email

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