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Harassment: It’s About Respect II - Online Theory Only

NOTE: This course has been updated and was formerly known as Harassment: The Real Scene

Discrimination and  harassment in the workplace do not simply manifest in blatant racism or outright ridicule. They can happen even in the most ordinary circumstances, sometimes without us meaning to.

Harassment: It’s About Respect II looks at four examples of workplace discrimination to establish an awareness and understanding of how real-life situations involving harassment can impact others on both an emotional and intellectual level.  The scenarios include two cases of ridiculing colleagues because of their religion and gender, and two less obvious yet no less harmful scenarios, including discriminating a pregnant woman even if she insists she’s fit to work, and interrupting a coworker during conversations and excluding them from the team.  Topics covered throughout this course include:


Common Examples of Harassment and Discrimination 

  • Discrimination of a pregnant woman
  • Bullying and stereotyping related to religion or sexual orientation
  • Interrupting and excluding colleagues 

Impact of Harassment on Victims 

  • Perspective of the victims 
  • Views of other colleagues 

Creating a Culture of Respect 

  • Understand and avoid attitudes behind harassment 
  • Commitment from management and HR departments


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