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Eye Protection: See The Whole Picture - Online Theory Only

Give your employees a clearer picture of eye safety with this course. Train them to identify types of ANSI Z87-compliant eyewear, common injuries and the role of both employer and worker in preventing them. The course outlines eye care practices from proper fit and equipment maintenance to emergency response and workplace dos and don’ts, both at home and in the office.

Eye Protection

  • Types Of Eyewear

Categories Of Eye Injuries

  • Impact Injuries
  • Heat, Chemical And Dust Injuries
  • Light Radiation


  • Employer Responsibilities
  • Your Responsibility

Preventing And Caring For Eye Injuries

  • Controlling Hazards
  • Taking Eye Training Home
  • Emergency Treatment


Cost: $25 plus GST

Duration: The time needed to complete each online course varies for each individual. You may stop the course at any time and access your activity at a later date.



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