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The SCSA equips more than 10,000 workers each year with the education and training they need to achieve their organization's safety goals. SCSA Members and Supporter Members receive preferred pricing on classroom training, retail items, and other SCSA resources.  There are two types of membership available at the SCSA - the Member and Supporter Member, explained below.


A Saskatchewan Company that has an active Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) account within the CLASS B - BUILDING CONSTRUCTION rate class is an automatic Member of the SCSA. 

Supporter Member

The second type of membership a company can obtain, is a Supporter Membership, which involves an annual fee, and is subject to approval by the SCSA. This type of membership is available to companies outside WCB's CLASS B rate class in Saskatchewan; and to out-of-province construction and non-construction companies. Effective September 19, 2008, Supporter Membership with the SCSA is $750.00 per year.


To learn more, call: 1.800.817.2079 or email: scsainfo@scsaonline.ca 

Membership Application Forms

Supporter Membership Application (PDF)
Supporter Membership Renewal Application (PDF)

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