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(excerpt from the 2016 SCSA Annual Report)

2016 proved to be a challenging year for the construction industry as a whole. Lower commodity prices and declining government revenues have affected private and public capital investments, along with the purchasing decisions of residential clients. As a result, we have seen some contraction in the sector, with fewer businesses in operation and others more carefully monitoring their investments. While the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) has remained solid in fulfilling its mandate of reducing human and financial costs associated with workplace injuries and fatalities, the impact of industry has affected the number of company registrations and completions of certification and recertification within the Certificate of Recognition (COR®) program. We saw this trend extend into all of our in-class training services. There are; however, several positive and promising results to share from the last year that should be exciting to our members and others who are passionate about affecting the culture of business with respect to safety.

We believe that our range of strategies to raise awareness through our communications, build on relationships, and engage the broader construction and business community, has resulted in a surge of requests for our advisory services, phenomenal growth in website activity, and growing demand for our online learning resources. While there has been slower activity in the construction sector, it appears to give us a refreshed opportunity to re-engage with our stakeholders in a meaningful way, on the merits of strong safety culture and business approaches. Smaller businesses that were previously completely focussed on their operations are beginning to re-engage with their safety journey as well.

There were a number of invaluable opportunities to meet with senior government procurement officers and policy makers over the past year; allowing the SCSA to provide guidance and perspective on how to advance the safety agenda, while providing increased value to stakeholders. We were also excited to see a continued lowering of Workers’ Compensation Board rates for the sector which, again, result in millions of dollars in direct savings to employers, fewer project disruptions, and reduced suffering of injured workers.

Internally, the SCSA has made progress on improving its operational capacities and stabilizing the team; allowing it to build its strength and provide even better services to our members going forward. It has refined some of its financial processes for increased internal efficiencies, greater transparency, and improved member experience. As we continue to continually seek improvements, we believe the foundational work completed in 2016 will support future growth.

Personally, I am excited to support the SCSA Board of Directors as it is also going through a transformational journey, which will set the future of the association. I thank them for their involvement, support, and guidance. I particularly wish to thank our Chair, Stacie Beever, for her commitment of time, enthusiasm, and encouragement to the entire SCSA team, whom we take great pride in. Finally, I thank all of our members who have taken on the challenge of leadership and made the necessary efforts to make their workplaces injury-free.

Collin Pullar
SCSA President


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