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The SCSA Safety Advocate is a publication typically produced twice a year by the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association. More than 8,000 hard copies are mailed out to SCSA Members and Supporter Members; Construction Associations; Contractors Associations; Home Builders' Associations; Safety Associations; and SCSA's Strategic Partners. Hard copies of are available for pick-up at the SCSA's Regina and Saskatoon office locations while supplies last. To view past issues, including specific articles, click on the links below. The SCSA also produces a monthly electronic newsletter. To sign up, please visit:





Spring 2019 SCSA Safety Advocate (Full Publication)
Real Safety: It's Our Reality: First of Its Kind Hazard ID VR (Cover Photo)
Hazard ID VR Feature Cont'd; Industry Leaders Gather for Constructing Safety Leadership Conference (P.2-3)
Good Better Best: SCSA Recognized for Industry-Leading Performance (P.4-5)
Congratulations to Our 2018 Constructing Safety Leadership Award Winners (P.6-7)
Congratulations to Our 2018 Constructing Safety Leadership Award Winners Cont'd (P.8-9)
2019 NCSO of the Year Award; 2019 HSA Of the Year Award; 2019 SCSA AGM (P.10-11)
COR Spotlight: Balzer's Canada Inc. 20th COR® Anniversary (P.12-13)
Welcome New COR® Companies; Re-Certified COR® Companies (P.14-15)
COR Anniversary/Milestones; Welcome New SECOR Companies; New NCOs and HSAs (P.16-17)
Classroom Course Schedule June 2019-November 2019 (P.18-19)
Regional Safety Committees (P.20)



Fall 2018 SCSA Safety Advocate (Full Publication)
Message from SCSA President (P.2); Making of SCSA's Virtual Reality Training Tool (P.3)
Cannabis Legalization and Employee Screening (P.4-5)
Congratulations to our 2017 Saskatchewan Construction Safety Leaders (P.6-10); Changes to the SECOR Program (P.11) 
Staff Spotlight - Advisory Services (P.12-13)
Ask the Auditor (P.14-15)
COR® Spotlight: Flynn Group of Companies - 20th COR® Anniversary (P.16-17)
Welcome New COR® Companies (P.18); Re-Certified COR® Companies (P.19)
COR® anniversary Milestones (P.20); Welcome New SECOR® Companies, Congratulations New NCSOs and HSAs (P.21)






Winter 2017 SCSA Safety Advocate (Full Publication)
There's An App For That
Message From The President
Governance Committee UpdateWinter 2017-2018
WCB Rates Reflect Improvement in Safety Performance
COR Program Allows Government to Buy Construction Services in Confidence
Changes to NCSO Program
Safety Rewarding and Meaningful Career
Workplace Safety: A Cost or a Benefit, You Choose!
Spotlight on Program Services
Ask the Auditor
New COR Companies
Re-cert COR Companies
New SECOR Companies, National Construction Safety Officers, and Health & Safety Administrators


Summer 2017 SCSA Safety Advocate (Full Publication)
Kavis Reed Breaks the "ICE" on Leadership in Safety
Message From Your SCSA President
TSN's Glen Suitor Visits the SCSA
2017 SCSA Annual General Meeting
Congratulations to our 2016 SCSA Safety Award Winners!
Construction Safety Awards
2016 OHS Inspections Show Improved Compliance on Saskatchewan Construction Sites
SaskPower Pre-Qualifies Contractors Through ISNetworld
Slow Down Saskatchewan
Sask Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Commission: Train and Certify Your Workforce
SCSA Spotlight – Advisory Services
COR® Spotlight – RNF Ventures Ltd.
2017 COR® Registration Process Updates
Ask the Auditor
Welcome New and Recertified COR and SECOR Companies
Congratulations New NCSOs and HSAs



Winter 2016-17 SCSA Safety Advocate (Full Publication)
Building a Bridge for Safety Leaders
Message from Your SCSA President
Safety Culture Growing in Saskatchewan
Compliance Apathy in Residential Construction is Everyone's Business
Building and Safety Training A Must to Buy Land
Hann's Legacy Promotes Workplace Safety
SCSA Spotlight - Advisory Services
Ask the Auditor
Welcome New and Recertified COR, SECOR Companies
Congratulations New NCSO and HSAs!





Summer 2016 SCSA Safety Advocate (Full Publication)
Talking Safety with Mayor Fougere
Message from your SCSA President
SCSA Shares the Stage with Damon Bennett - Contractor and TV Host
Congratulations to Our Safety Leaders!
Construction Industry Safety Awards
Employer Safety Orientation Guide for Young and New Workers
Expert Articles
SCSA Spotlight: Training Services
WHMIS 2015 Train the Trainer
Train Your Workers Through the SCSA! Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant
Ask the Auditor
Congratulations New NCSOs, HSAs!
COR Spotlight: Trail Appliances
Welcome New and Recertified COR, SECOR Companies



Winter 2015 SCSA Safety Advocate (Full Publication)
Message from Your SCSA President
SCSA Spotlight: Advisory Services
The new home of
Ramping Up Injury Prevention: Targeted Intervention Program
WCB Announces Premium Rates for 2016
Leading the Way to an Injury-free Saskatchewan
WHMIS After GHS: "WHMIS 2015"
Expert Articles: We Build Magazine
Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant
COR Spotlight: City of Estevan
Ask the Auditor
Welcome New COR & SECOR Companies
NEW CSO Designations
New HSA Designations
Notice of Price Increase

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