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SCSA Contractor Training Course Updated


Legislation changed and we responded! The regulations, which set out the definition and duties of prime contractors in Saskatchewan, came into effect January 1, 2015.

A prime contractor is responsible for coordinating the health and safety activities at multi-employer worksites.  Their duties include ensuring policies, procedures, and safe work practices are used on the worksite; and preparing a written plan that coordinates activities and identifies the prime contractor’s backup and the supervisors on the worksite. 

The SCSA Contractor Training course has been updated to include information on the Occupational Health & Safety (Prime Contractor) Regulations. You might want to consider taking this training if:

  • You negotiate contract work in the industries of construction, forestry and oil & gas;
  • You want to know the difference between a contractor, prime contractor and the owner of the project. And who is responsible for what under the Act;
  • You need a better understanding of the circumstances under which a prime contractor must be designated; and
  • You would like to gain an understanding of how to effectively manage a health and safety management system when in the role of a contractor, prime contractor or owner.  

For more information on this course, visit our Classroom Training page.

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