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Regina RSC Presents SaskPower Safety


The quarterly Regional Safety Committee (RSC) held at Industrial Cafe in Regina on November 15th featured a presentation from guest speaker, Jeff Matity, a consultant of safety awareness and promotion at SaskPower.  The presentation, "Staying Safe Around Electricity," included videos of powerful stories shared by those who have experienced close calls with electricity. 

Since 2007, there have been 6,000 line strikes, 28 injuries and 12 fatalities across all industries in the province. In the last 10 years in Saskatchewan, the construction sector saw 3,500 contacts (about 350/year) -- 1,700 were underground, 1,800 were overhead, and there were three fatalities (2009, 2011, 2018). Below are some safety tips and video/print resources on power line safety.

Prevent Incidents

1) Look Up and Live: Plan your work in advance, lower equipment and us a spotter 

2) Before You Dig: Have underground power lines marked by contacting Sask 1st Call at 1-866-828-4888 or

3) Report power line damage by calling 310-2220

Powerful Stories

The Saskpower website has a number of Powerful Stories videos that highlight the personal experiences of contractors, farmers, and others who have experienced or witnessed a contact, or a near-miss contact, with a power line. More than two decades ago, Lyle came face-to-face with a potentially fatal power line contact. And because of his own personal experience with tragedy, it’s been weighing on his mind ever since. View his story, here: 


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