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NCSO Program


The SCSA is proud to congratulate Kerry Greening, Safety Advisor, on achieving his NCSO certification. The SCSA currently has 21 staff members, just under half of the staff, who have received their NCSO certification.

The objective of the National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) program is to combine formal training with the individual's personal field experience. Effective September 1, 2017, there will be a new standard. This new standard aims to strengthen the NCSO designation, making it more credible while allowing ease of transferability amongst other provinces.

The SCSA’s implementation plan of the NCSO changes includes a grandfathering of the previously accepted experience and a two year transition plan for those currently certified to attend training/renew training to meet the most current standards. A communication plan beginning in July to those currently registered in the SCSA NCSO program and those previously certified as a SCSA NCSO (since Nov. 2015) or SCSA CSO (prior to Nov. 2015).

The most recognizable change to the SCSA NCSO program will be the introduction of a written exam, nationally recognized by participating Canadian Federation of Safety Associations (CFCSA) members. The purpose of the exam is to verify a nationally recognized level of competency in relation to various construction-related health and safety management skills and principles.

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