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Message from the President Regarding COR® and SECOR Certification


Message from the SCSA President, Collin Pullar

In recent communication with Ministry of Central Services for the Government of Saskatchewan, I have learned that ministerial approval has been granted for the adoption of a policy that will see COR® or SECOR certification (or equivalent acknowledged by the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association) as a requirement in all construction contracts expected to exceed $1M in value.  Until the new policy is fully implemented on April 1, 2019, the Ministry will continue its current practice of including rated evaluation criteria related to safety, including certification by SCSA, in all of its construction tenders.

Notice of this policy has been posted on   

In addition, every public tender the Ministry issues for construction work up to the implementation date above will include this notice. 

It is great news to have the COR® and SECOR recognized in this way. The SCSA has been working with the Ministry for some time to help them with their policy development and support their consultations with other representatives in the industry (who have been extremely supportive of this policy).  What started two years ago with the presentation to the local Chapter of the National Institute of Government Procurers has finally come to fruition.

The Government’s recognition of COR and SECOR is an important step for the SCSA and, as such, we will continue to ensure that these programs have a high level of integrity so that purchasers can buy in confidence. Going forward, we will also continue to work with the Ministry to enhance their efforts to recognize and communicate the importance of safety management systems in the bidding process.


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