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Making of SCSA’s Virtual Reality Training Tool


Today, August 23rd, 2018, the SCSA and White Rabbit VR –  a division of Sask-based media company, Twisted Pair – began the production phase of the highly-anticipated Virtual Reality (VR) construction safety training tool.

SCSA members and students will have the opportunity to be enveloped in a realistic 360 degree alternate reality for workplace training. This training tool allows users to spot hazards more effectively and in a variety of scenarios that wouldn’t be as readily available within the confines of traditional classroom training.  

The tool will also allow the SCSA to build stronger impressions in learning and give users experience in navigating dangerous situations and developing safety management systems in a safe way.

Below are some photos from the 360 degree photoshoot that is taking place throughout the day of various safety scenarios staged on a real construction site. These photos will later be stitched together and interactive elements overlaid to create the application for the VR tool.



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