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Inspections find home builders safety compliance low


CTV News Saskatoon - May 17, 2017

Residential construction workers compliance with safety regulations is falling, according to 2016 City of Saskatoon inspections. Only nine per cent of workers used barriers like railings and ladders when using equipment, the numbers show. The figure was double — 18 per cent — in 2015. The inspection numbers also show a decrease of workers who covered floor openings during construction.

“We often think we can take our chances and it’ll probably be okay. But the reality is, that type of complacency is what ends up leading to the most major and largest types of injuries we see,” said Collin Pullar, president of the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association.

Companies could face fines of up to $1.5 million for unsafe work causing serious injuries or death. Saskatchewan has the highest penalty. Saskatoon’s home builders’ association recommends people who hire a contractor ask about their safety program.

“If the builder is concerned about the safety of their workers, it also means they're concerned about the safety of the consumer and the community as a whole, and that speaks volumes,” said Chris Guerette, CEO of the home builders’ association.

The percentage of workers wearing hardhats increased 11 per cent and more workers were trained on a fall protection plan.

According to Guerette, injuries on worksites can be reduced with consistent education and making safety a part of the work culture.

View the full article and TV segment featuring interviews from Pearl McNevin Williams, Manager of Safety, Payroll & Asset Management; Collin Pullar, SCSA President, and Chris Guerette, CEO of the Saskatoon and Region Home Builders' Association, that aired on May 17, 2017, here:

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