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Health and Safety Administrator (HSA) Program


The SCSA is proud to congratulate Lori Senz, Program Administrator, on achieving her HSA certification. When asked why she felt it was important to pursue her certification, Lori responded, “I was most interested in obtaining safety knowledge from the various HSA courses to allow me to help the companies I come in contact with every day. As my confidence in health and safety grew, I became more active within our association by becoming a Fire Captain, reviewing practices/procedures, participating in workplace inspections with our OHC, experiencing site visits with Advisory Services and attending a few COR Audits with our Program Auditors. The experience has become a value to my clients, my development and to my employer!”

The SCSA currently has seven staff members who have received their HSA certification and there are another nine registered in the program, including the President, Collin Pullar.

The objective of the Health and Safety Administrator (HSA) program is to provide formal training for an administrator of a health and safety program, who does not possess a minimum of three years construction field experience. Certification indicates to employers that the participant has knowledge in various health and safety management skills and principles. This knowledge positions the individual to provide support in the administration of a company’s health and safety program. For more information on the program, or to register, visit the Health and Safety Administrator Program webpage.

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