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Auditing your safety program shouldn't be. Contact the SCSA, we can help!

The real problem here is too many people in Saskatchewan are getting hurt on the job. We have the second worst workplace injury rate in all of Canada. What are YOU doing to prevent injuries and stay safe where you work? Mission:Zero Zero Injuries. Zero fatalaties. Zero suffering.

The Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant helps employers increase their training budget to ensure they can provide their workers with the training they require to meet workforce demands. The SCSA is proud to be recognized as an eligible third-party training institution under the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant. Visit to learn more about how you can take advantage of this valuable business opportunity through the professional health and safety training programs offered by the SCSA year-round!

Companies Serious about High Performance are Serious about Safety. Get COR certified and set your business apart with the national industry standard in safety certification.

Get COR certified! Become a safety accredited company with the national industry standard in safety certification. The Certificate of Recognition (COR) program is designed to help your company develop, implement and maintain an effective health and safety program that can reduce workplace injuiries and incidents. Companies serious about success are serious about safety. Learn more about the COR program at

Celebrating 20+ Years of Industry-Driven Commitment to Safety