Classroom Training

Aerial Work Platform Safety Awareness


This half-day course will focus on providing participants with awareness of legislated requirements, operating environment and dangers related to the operation of aerial work platforms.  To operate Aerial Work Platforms in the province of Saskatchewan you must complete training according to table 14.1 of the OHS regulations.  

Table 14.1 states a minimum of 16 hours, classroom and practical training is required.  This course can count for four hours that training but does not allow one to operate an aerial work platform at the end of this course.  This 4 hr course will focus on providing participants with information on legislated requirements regarding aerial work platforms in Saskatchewan, site hazards, pre use inspection criteria for Aerial Work Platforms, fueling hazards and safe operations of aerial work platforms.


  • None

Course Objectives:

  • Provide awareness of safe operating environment before, during and after use of equipment.
  • Generate awareness of dangers associated with operation.
  • To inform on legislative responsibilities.
  • To familiarize participants with types of aerial work platforms.

Course Content:

  • Legislation review
  • Types of aerial work platforms
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Safety before, during, and after operation
  • General hazards